Extreme Challenge in Online Marketing

Apart from programming competitions there exists a wide range of other challenges such as competitions in Online Marketing, AdWords, Search Engine Marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization and Advertising. In this context is has to be mentioned that challenges like these are basically announced by well-known, big and famous enterprises and companies with good reputation. In this regard we are talking about Online Marketing Agencies, which are called “Online Marketing Agentur” in German. Strictly speaking Online Marketing Agencies are companies that do focus advertising strategies and possibilities for a variety of different clients in the context of the online sector.

Consequently there arise different challenging thematic fields and areas that are going to be described within the following list:

  • Affiliate Marketing: An exemplary challenging exercise could consist in advertising a specific affiliate campaign of a company, product or website. The goal is to generate the best revenue in a given period of time.
  • Guerilla and Virale Marketing: Guerilla Marketing does not represent the best solution for a challenge because of the fact that this sort of Online Marketing is very difficult to measure.
  • Search Engine Optimization (OnPage and OffPage): The challenge could possibly consist in the establishment of a website which will have to be optimized with regard to onpage and offpage aspects. Furthermore the competitors will be asked to optimize their respective website for a specific keyword or keyword combination. The competitors who have reached the best ranking of their keyword in a specific search engine like Google will be announced as the winner of the challenge.
  • Search Engine Advertising, in particular Google AdWords: A challenge with a focus on Search Engine Advertising is mostly proclaimed by a so-called AdWords Agency which is called AdWords Agentur in German. The goal is to set up a specific and profound AdWords campaign for a given keyword set. The winner is consequently the competitor with the best campaign established in a specific period of time which is measured by aspects such as the best quality factor as well as the lowest click price.
  • E-Mail Marketing and Newsletter Marketing: The challenge with regard to E-Mail Marketing or Newsletter Marketing consists in the generation of a newsletter campaign for the advertisement of a special product or website. The goal is to reach the maximum amount or number of registrations, clicks or sold products.
  • Social Media: A challenge based on social media focuses the development of specific advertising strategies by means of Facebook or Twitter. The challenging exercise consists in the establishment of a so-called fanpage in Facebook which has to be advertised in order to generate a maximum number of fans in a given period of time. Strictly speaking Facebook users will be asked to become fans of the respective fanpage. The winner will consequently be the competitor who has reached the highest number of fans within his/her page.