Skills Needed In Programming

This website is not going to argue that programming is an easy thing. Strictly speaking it tries to get across that programming is actually not hard for those specific reasons various people often claim it is. Furthermore it can be said that programming does not represent a theoretical subject like Biology, Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry. Consequently it is not necessary to have an advanced degree in order to do very well or rather become perfect at programming.

In comparison to a variety of so-called physical tasks such as writing poetries, singing, painting, gymnastics or rhyming, programming is not in need of special innate talents or skills. So programming does not require strength, power, condition or coordination. In order to do very well at programming it is necessary to be careful and have a special capacity like craftsmanship.

In order to finally come into detail we want to stress that those things that are required for doing very well at programming are attention to detail, specialized and technical knowledge, stupidity, good memory and the specific ability to think in an abstract way in both all respects and every sense. Let’s come with us and look at these required skills a little bit more detailed.

  1. attention to detail: Considering the matter of programming details are playing a significant and very important role. So if the respective programming language says it is necessary to declare and specify variables before using them, you have to do so. However, if the programming language requires the usage of parentheses, brackets and square brackets, you have to do so as well.
  2. specialized and technical knowledge: If you want to do very well at programming you should have a profound specialized and technical knowledge considering programming languages, programming in general, web hosting, servers, etc. Be sure that you possess expert know-how considering all things that have to do with web sites and web development as well as other related issues such as for instance configuration, optimization and practical use of both servers and web hosting.
  3. stupidity: You certainly will not believe us, but in spite of all it is true that computers are incredibly stupid. Fact is that computers do only those things you tell them to do – no more, no less. When it comes to programming in connection with the so-called stupidity of computers it is helpful to think as stupidly as computers do.
  4. good memory: Programming requires a very good memory. Because of the fact that there are loads of important things and details to remember, it is essential to be able to memorize basic and relevant programming facts. Some of these are for instance the syntax of the respective programming language, prewritten functions and parameters, variables and specific functions, bugs you have had in the past and you want to avoid in the future, etc. So the more of this basic know-how and details you are able to keep in mind, the more successful you will be at programming.
  5. ability to think in an abstract way: The specific ability to think in an abstract way on several levels as well as in all respects is certainly the most essential skill in programming. Strictly speaking computers do represent one of the most extensive and complex systems of all which do require knowing and memorizing every single basic aspect and function of this system at all levels as well as in all respects.