Online Computer Programming Competitions

You do have very profound computer as well as programming skills and want to show your great talent to a huge number of computer experts? Just have a look at this article within the website and find out more about both programming contests and programming challenges.

What exactly is a so-called online computer programming competition? Strictly speaking an online computer programming competition can be seen as a possibility for young, talented people in order to prove their individual programming capabilities. Fact is that within a programming contest young people are generally offered the chance to compare themselves as well as their skills to other programmers. Normally people from all around the world do participate in international programming challenges.

Strictly speaking it has to be distinguished between single events and team events within a whole programming contest. Single events are challenges where every programmer competes for themselves. So-called team events on the contrary are characterized to represent challenges that allow teams consisting of maximum three participants to demonstrate their programming skills and capabilities.

A programming contest consists of several rounds. The first round, however, is called ‘qualifying round’. Every programmer (single event) or every team (team event) has to solve a given problem. The participants do have to solve the respective problem within a certain period of time. In this context it has to be said that the participants are allowed to use their own computers. This represents a good possibility which enables every programmer to work in his usual environment as well as with his own computer equipment. Those programmers or programming teams who succeeded in solving the respective problem will get an invitation to the next round which represents in most cases the real contest. Furthermore it can be said that the winner or winners of a programming contest can win great prices – for instance new computers, high quality manuals considering programming languages, programming in general, computer software, etc. as well as trophy money. In German they would possibly call it Tagesgeld because of the fact that young people rejoice in every single cent they can earn in their early years.

The real contest, however, is a challenge in which the best and most talented young programmers can compete – strictly speaking those who have ‘survived’ the so-called first round. Strictly speaking within the programming challenge the participants are asked to solve a very demanding computer or programming task. Particularly with regard to the so-called international 24-hour programming contest the programmers will have to complete the respective task within a given period of time of exactly 24 hours.

Which skills are needed in order to have a chance to solve the given tasks within a computer or programming contest? Strictly speaking every programmer will need a wide range of profound and very detailed IT as well as programming skills. These skills do include amongst others computer graphics, knowledge of networking and programming languages.